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Hours Prayed


Hours Prayed


An introduction to FacetoFace Youth Retreats

FacetoFace Ministries has been leading Youth Retreats since 1999.  Countless lives have been radically transformed thanks to God's grace at these weekend retreats. Over the years the retreats continue to be slightly tweaked with the prompting of the Holy Spirit in order to remain very impacting with our new generation of youth.

As with all our programming, Youth Retreats are designed to help youth encounter Christ and embrace the call to be saints.  Encounters with Christ often come in various forms for different people, through a talk, small group, music, moment of prayer, and most notably through the Sacraments. Eucharistic Adoration is a highlight by many retreat participants.  These retreats try to reach the youth where they are at and help them strive to become saints in their everyday lives.

Youth Retreats can be done over a weekend or a single day.

Youth Retreats Information

For more information please click on the Youth Retreat Brochure below.

Youth Retreat Brochure

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Youth Retreats Endorsement

Youth Testimonies

"I was taught that faith isn't just something you can base on your feelings... Faith needs to be based on truth. Now, I feel like my faith is growing stronger and stronger." - Vancouver Island Participant

"I felt so loved and cherished by my Heavenly Father and I knew that I could open my heart up to love and be open to spreading God's love and joy to everyone around me!" - Calgary Participant

"I was so excited to say to Christ! I couldn't wait to stand during Eucharistic Adoration and accept God's grace in my life" - Chestermere Participant

"Prayer ministry changed my life." - Leoville Participant

"During Adoration I could feel God all around me. After the retreat I felt like a whole new person." - Leoville Participant

Letter of Endorsement by Fr. Matthew Ramsay

FacetoFace Endorsement Letter - Fr. Matt

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