Important information about booking a School Retreat

• Cost: $1200 + travel expenses.
Travel expenses include shared mileage among the schools each week, hotels, and meals. In a full week of schools, this cost is around $250-$300/school.

Due to the intensity of the road life, we will be booking only one week at a time. We are still happy to serve all the schools we have in the past; we just may have to do it in two trips as opposed to one.

Cancellation fee: Due to the inconvenience of the other schools who booked in the same week, we are charging a $300 cancellation fee to put towards travel expenses for the week in order to keep travel costs at a reasonable rate. This fee can be waived if you are able to find a different school in the area to book that date.

Once you hear back from us about your booking request, you will still need to complete a form that confirms the booking. This will include collecting more information about each school, such as bell schedules, and signing the booking agreement with the cancelation policy.


• If you are a group of schools then only one representative will need to complete the form on behalf of that group of schools. It is wise to choose that person once you have decided on which weeks you are going to request.

• Expect to wait a few days before hearing back whether the request is approved or not. We assume there will be a lot of discerning to do in the first week.

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