IMPORTANT: The booking request process will be slightly different this year because we are hoping to hire a second retreat team and thus there is uncertainty around how many retreats we can actually say yes to and what that looks like. Please be patient during this process as it will take a few weeks for us to respond after your initial request.

Yes, we realize this video is for 2022-2023 but the information in the video is still applicable so we recommend watching it.


Important information about booking a School Retreat

• Cost: $1300 + travel expenses.
Travel expenses include shared mileage among the schools each week, hotels, and meals. In a full week of schools, this cost is around $250-$300/school.

Due to the intensity of the road life, we will be booking only one week at a time. We still hope to serve all the schools we have in the past but would have to do it in two trips as opposed to one. That being said, if we are not able to hire a second team of retreat leaders than we may only be able to do one week in each division.

Cancellation fee: Due to the inconvenience of the other schools who booked in the same week and our staff time, we are charging a $400 cancellation fee. This fee can be waived if you are able to find a different school in the area to book that date.

Once you hear back from us about your booking request, you will still need to complete a second form that confirms the booking. This second form is what actually solidifies your booking. This will include collecting more information about each school, such as bell schedules, and signing the booking agreement with the cancelation policy.


Practicals when requesting a School Retreat

• We know that there is a large demand for School Retreats. In fact, we have been in over 100 different schools over the past few years and many of you want another retreat in 2023-2024. That is why we are trying to hire a second team of School Retreat leaders. This hiring process will take time and thus many schools will be put on a hopeful or tentative booking list for January to June of 2024. The second team will be fully trained by our staff and ready to start leading excellent retreats out of the gate.

• We expect a large number of requests to come in the week of May 23 and it will take time to discern which bookings to accept. We will take all the request information and start to discern the placements starting May 23, but this will be complicated process due to the hopeful hire of a second team. Do not expect to hear back from us until the start of June.
     • Deciding on which booking requests to accept will be a combination of order of request, the number of schools/days requested, if you have participated in the 'Made for more' themed retreat, and other factors.

Creating a group of schools to book multiple days:

We strongly encourage booking a week as a School Division. This will give the best chance of getting the requested booking.

Creating a group of 5 schools to book is the next best route. If you know there are other schools in your city or area that also want to book then please contact them to create a group that can request a full week. Once you have heard from those schools, you are welcome to reach out to new schools to try to get a full weeks worth of days to request.
If you are unsure of what schools FacetoFace has been to in the past to group with then please ask for a list by emailing

If your group is only requesting a few days that may be fine. If 3 schools work together to ask for 3 days during a specific week then we may be able to add a couple more schools to it.

If you are a single school you are still welcome to request a booking. However, the chances are getting the week you are requesting are low. Mostly likely, we will ask you to join weeks that already have a group of 3-4 schools to complete that week.


• If you are a group of schools then only one representative will need to complete the form on behalf of that group of schools. It is wise to choose that person once you have decided on which months you are going to request.

• Expect to wait a few weeks before hearing back whether the request is approved or not. We assume there will be a lot of discerning to do, especially with the hopeful hire of a second retreat team.

For more information about FacetoFace School Retreats please contact:

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Emails about School Retreat booking requests: schoolretreatbooking(a)
Emails about already booked and upcoming School Retreats: schoolretreats(a)

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