2017/2018 School Retreats Booking Information

FacetoFace Ministries is excited to announce our eighth year of School Retreats in 2017/2018. As it stands, both Ryan Mitchell and Dan Richard will be back co-leading the School Retreats.

2017/2018 RETREAT COSTS:
$1100 + shared travel expenses (hotel, meals, & mileage.) Cost increase of $100 due mainly to inflation.

2017/2018 Booking:
• Weeks we have available for booking are found below.
• Retreats will be booked on a first come basis.
• We strongly encourage booking a week as a School Division.
     Single schools will not be able to reserve a week on their own. You will need at least two other schools from your area that also want to book that week before we can block it off for you. If you are a single school, please contact us and let us know that you would like to book and we will see if we have any available dates when we are in your area.
• Due to the intensity of the road life, we will be booking only one week at a time. We are still happy to serve all schools we have in the past; we just may have to do it in two trips as opposed to one.
• The website will be updated regularly with available and booked weeks for your benefit of knowing what is still free.


• October 2 - 6: Holy Spirit Catholic, Lethbridge, AB
• October 16 - 20: Christ the Redeemer Division, AB 
October 30 - November 3: Available
• November 13 - 16: Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Note: Not all days are spoken for so please contact us if you wish to book one.
• November 27 - December 1: Holy Family Catholic Division, Peace River, AB
• December 11 - 15: Available 
• January 8 - 12: Elk Island Catholic Schools, Sherwood Park, AB
• January 22 - 25: Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Note: Not all days are spoken for so please contact us if you wish to book one.
• February 5 - 9: Island Catholic Schools, BC
• February 20 - 23: Available 
• March 5 - 9: Available 
• March 19 - 23: Available 
• April 3-6 (April 2 is Easter Monday): Available 
• April 16 - 20: Available 
• April 30 - May 4: Available 
• May 14 - 18: Available 
• May 28 - June 1: Available 

To book contact: Ryan Mitchell at
schoolretreats@f2f.ca or 306-203-2216


FacetoFace School Retreats 2016/2017 Theme:

themoment theme logo

Retreat bookings for 2016/2017 are well under way. View the informational pdf below to see when we are available to serve your school.

FacetoFace School Retreats - 2015-2016 Information


FacetoFace School Retreats - 2015-2016 Information3

School Retreats

FacetoFace Ministries is proud to be offering its seventh year of School Retreats.  In these past six years we have witnessed God doing amazing things in the lives of the students we spend time with.

FacetoFace School Retreats bring the Catholic faith to life through music, keynote talks, activities, prayer, and more.  The retreat targets each age group perfectly and leaves schools enriched and challenged.

Starting in the 2016/2017 school year we are pleased to welcome Dan Richard to the team. Dan will be joining the veteran Ryan Mitchell on the road.  The two are very gifted in retreat ministry and are excited to join forces and co-lead FacetoFace School Retreats. 

We offer one day whole school Elementary retreats, Junior High Retreats, and retreats for specific grades.  The following pdf has more information about school retreats, including retreat schedule templates. 

To book a FacetoFace School Retreat or for more information please contact:

Ryan Mitchell

School Retreat Co-leader

Email Ryan