The WORD Bible Study - May 2021

The WORD: Bible Studies with FacetoFace Ministries.

What? Reading through the gospel of Matthew.
1) Read a chapter per day.
2) Reflect on what stood out from the chapter.
3) Share with your team (a small group of people together in a group chat - Google Hangouts) what stood out to you.
AND... there will be a fun challenge to complete along the way.
Why? To come to know the Bible better, to know the Lord better, and to develop a habit of reading Scripture.
Youth grades 9-12 and young adults.
When? Reading starts May 1.
More Info: Watch the video explanation.

New and Optional Component: WORD Pledges

What? Reading and reflecting on the gospel of Matthew for 28 days in a row is quite the accomplishment! With that in mind, we are encouraging all of you, especially those who have done a WORD Bible Study before, to ask people to financially pledge you, similar to asking for pledges for a Terry Fox Run.

Why? We believe taking part in the WORD Pledges will help you take even greater ownership and get the most out of the study.
1) Asking for pledges gives you an opportunity to share what you are doing. This will cause greater conviction.
2) Receiving pledges gives you extra motivation to finish. Knowing people are counting on will cause greater drive.
3) Receiving pledges helps FacetoFace to keep doing these for free. This will cause greater peace knowing you are benefiting and blessing others.
4) Receiving pledges gives you an opportunity to win a gift card. This will cause extra excitement and anticipation.

How does it work?
We have tried to make it as easy for you as possible. When you sign up we will send you a PDF with practicals on how it works, ideas for who to ask, a template email/message that can you send to people, a Pledge Tracking Form, and more.
You can do this!

How many pledges should I try to get?
There is no specific number of people or dollar amount that we want you to reach. We are happy with 2 people and we are happy with 20 people.
We simply ask that you try.

Again, this is a new and optional component to the WORD.