The Depths Online Retreat - June 17

If you registered for the Depths Retreat but did not get an email with the zoom link: 1) Check your promotions and spam folders, and then 2) Email jon.courchene(a) if you still cannot find it.

The Depths

What: A day of retreat facilitated online. Join a small community of 10-20 other people to have a little fun, learn a very practical spiritual practice, and leave better equipped to follow Jesus and become a saint.
Why: Because you deserve excellent opportunities to grow in your faith.
For who: All high school youth (ages 14-18) and young adults who are desiring to dive deeper into their faith.


Schedule: 1:00pm to 6:00pm MDT, with a short break. The day includes fun group activities, three sessions, two D.R.A.W. self reflections, a time of prayer, and more.
Lead by: FacetoFace Ministries. Your retreat leader is Jon Courchene.
$10, if you are able. If not, we understand and invite you to register for free.
Registration: Registration is now closed.

Participant Feedback

"I was very blessed by this retreat! It was so amazing! What really blessed me was this new form of prayer to be able to pray every day and a few times a day. I know this is going to change my life for the good and I’m so excited to get started! All the people there and our speaker were really amazing people and I had a really good time!"

"The Depths retreat served to me as a reminder to trust God during this pandemic, and has helped me become more aware of the ways God reveals himself to us in our daily lives. Meeting other young Catholics was a great comfort in these times of isolation, and of course the games are always super fun!"

"I've chosen to make God the centre of my life before in my life, but did not stick to that promise. Then I did not really want to put God first. I've struggled over this for a while and Jesus was, and is drawing me to Him. But through this retreat, in a moment of personal reflection, God gave me a grace moment where I realized I was sick and tired of the worlds empty promises and that I wanted more. I needed Jesus. I wanted Jesus. God revealed that to me and I responded by choosing and committing to really putting God first. This is going to be a journey, but I'm ready to do it with Jesus!"