WHY: The Reality


There is a need

Only 14% of Catholics say their faith is "the most important part" of their life.

Without a Christ filled life, we are witnessing many people lose their faith and leave the church.  Rather than simply letting people fall away from the church, we want to bring their existing faith to life. We need to help people make their faith the most important and fulfilling part of their life.

There is an opportunity

The need for spiritual renewal leads to opportunity. 

Responding within the gifts and charisms God has given to FacetoFace Ministries, we are embracing the challenge of leading people back to a vibrant faith.

"Challenges exist to be overcome! Let us be realists, but without losing our joy, our boldness and our hope-filled commitment. Let us not allow ourselves to be robbed of missionary vigor!"  
—Evangelii Gaudium, 109

HOW: Grace of conversion



An authentic encounter with Christ has the power to change someone's life. 

Our life takes on new freedom and joy when we come to really know our loving God.  It is through such an encounter that we find the confidence and courage to make Christ the most important part of our life.

"Being Christian is not the result of an ethical choice of lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and decisive direction."
—Pope Benedict 

"I [Pope Francis] invite all Christians, everywhere, at this very moment to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ."
— Evangelii Gaudium, 3

Inspire & Embrace

After an encounter with Christ, we need to be inspired to embrace the call to be saints.

As Pope Francis writes in the Joy of the Gospel, our goal is to "help them experience a conversion which will restore the joy of faith to their hearts and inspire a commitment to the Gospel."
—Evangelii Gaudium, 14

"The faith-encounter with the person of Jesus Christ is a relationship with him, 'remembering him' (in the Eucharist) and, through the grace of the Spirit, having in us the mind of Jesus Christ."  
—Lineamenta of the 2012 Synod Assembly, 11

WHAT: Changing lives!


We provide the opportunity for encounter

71% of young people in Canada engaged in their faith reported their faith came alive at a camp, mission, or retreat. FacetoFace provides opportunities to encounter Christ and embrace the call to be saints through retreats, camps, conferences, and the events we offer.  As youth participate in events, they encounter Christ in the Sacraments, moments of prayer, truth proclaimed in talks, event leaders, and other participants. With a new sense of life and purpose, people are sent home to continue living this incredible life in Christ; and they do it. Studies show that 7/10 people continue to be engaged in their faith after participating in a retreat, camp, or mission.

FacetoFace Ministries Programming:

Each of our programs are designed for people to encounter Christ and embrace the call to be saints.

FacetoFace Ministries is a multi-facetted Catholic Ministry. We challenge people to holiness by living and proclaiming the fullness of the Catholic faith.  Our many branches include:

• Bus Trip
• Ignite Camps
• United Conference
• School Retreats
• Family Faith Evenings
• Speaking engagements
• Diocesan Youth Conferences/Rallies
• Various other events

WHO: Get involved


Play an active role in the necessary work of evangelization.

We are not alone in this incredible endeavor. We firmly believe the grace we witness is due to prayers of many spiritual and financial partners on earth, as well as Mary and the saints in heaven.

In addition to prayers, we need monthly income to help us provide sustainable programs where people encounter Christ.  Most of our programs lose money and thus we rely on our donors to continue this great work God has given us. Please consider becoming an active partner in the work of evangelization by becoming a monthly donor.

"Before all else, the Gospel invites us to respond to the God of love who saves us, to see God in others and to go forth from ourselves to seek the good of others
—Evangelii Gaudium, 39

The Ministry


That Catholic youth across western Canada find fulfillment in a life in Christ. How will this accomplished? By fostering encounters with Jesus Christ and inspiring the response to become saints.


We lead Catholic youth events with excellence.


Humility  ⊕  Excellence  ⊕  Christ-centered Relationships

The FacetoFace Team


Jon Courchene

Executive Director After high school Jon spent four years doing various types of youth ministry, including two years as a Deanery Youth Ministries Coordinator in the Diocese of Prince Albert. With a renewed desire for retreat ministry, Jon joined FacetoFace Ministries as a volunteer in 2007.  After completing a Bachelors degree in Social Work, Jon began working full time with FacetoFace in 2011. He is now the Executive Director and facilitates weekend retreats and conferences.

Dan Brulé

Director of Stewardship & Finances

After being raised on a farm near Albertville, Saskatchewan, he moved to Saskatoon and graduated from Electronics Systems Engineering Technician and Electrician programs at SIAST. In 2003 Dan began to volunteer his time with FacetoFace Ministries. During that time Dan worked for CCO (Catholic Christian Outreach) & Altemira Engineering. In 2010 Dan joined FacetoFace Ministries.

Maria Gursky

Director of Communications and Volunteer Coordinator

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Maria grew up attending FacetoFace events throughout high school, and began volunteering with the ministry in university. An active music minister at her home parish, a volunteer with Pure Witness Ministries, and a very involved student leader with Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) at the UofS, Maria brings varied experienced and gifts to the FacetoFace team. After 2 years of pursuing a music degree, the Lord called Maria to step away from full time studies, and she now works for FacetoFace part time, overseeing communications and volunteer coordination, while pursuing an education degree.

Ryan Mitchell

Retreat Leader

Having been raised in an agnostic household, Ryan was first introduced to Christ through Our Lady of Victory Camp in central Alberta – only an hour from his home town of Innisfail. His faith was sparked as a fourteen-year-old counsellor; and now, as a young adult, that same faith has developed into a deep and meaningful relationship with Christ. Since joining the Church in 2011, God has continuously used Ryan’s gifts and talents of public speaking, musicianship and relational ministry to serve His kingdom. After serving a year with Net Ministries of Canada, trailered by a year with Pure Witness Ministries, Ryan has eagerly accepted God’s calling and joined the FacetoFace School Retreat Team.

Daniel Pashula

Retreat Leader

Born and raised in Calgary, AB Daniel spent much of his youth playing high level sports such as hockey and baseball. In high school he tried his hand at music and has formal training in multiple instruments. It was in high school that Daniel’s faith really came alive which led him to do a year of ministry work after he graduated with All Access Ministries, following a break year working in Red Deer,AB, Daniel spent 2 years with Pure Witness Ministries first as a missionary then as a staff member. Daniel has a missionary heart and hopes to lead the youth into a closer encounter with Jesus.

The History

The Beginnings

It all began in 1999 with a small youth retreat led by Ken Yasinski and a few friends. The 30 participants were tremendously impacted by their encounter with Christ and many of their lives were changed.  Another community heard about what had happened and requested a youth retreat of their own, and the fruits continued.  By 2002 numerous parishes were calling for youth retreats and a more formal retreat team was formed. This team, led by Ken, travelled across the Prairie Provinces leading youth retreats in Catholic Parishes about every second weekend during the school year.

The Transition

As the weekend retreats continued to flourish, the ministry began to feel God was calling to reach out beyond those retreats.  Additional financial resources were needed to respond to this call and in 2006 FacetoFace Ministries became a registered Canadian charity. A financial support team began to be formed, more support staff were hired, the ministry team increased in number, and new projects of evangelization were started. In 2007 the Holy Spirit led the ministry to start the first Ignite Summer Camp and begin overseeing the Northern Lights for Christ Bus Trip. This was also the year that the ministry lead it's first overseas mission to Kolkata, India. Over the next few years FacetoFace began leading School Retreats and hosting an annual United Conference. During this time Ken’s gifting as a speaker grew and so did the demand for individual speaking engagements. In 2014 Ken followed God’s leading away from FacetoFace and into full time speaking at Catholicspeaker.com, allowing both him and FacetoFace to focus on growing in their unique charisms.

Present Day

FacetoFace Ministries is now a multi-faceted Catholic ministry of evangelization reaching out primarily to youth. We offer a variety of services to the Church of Western Canada, including weekend Youth Retreats, Ignite Summer Camps, Bus Trips, United Conference, School Retreats, Confirmation Retreats, individual speaking engagements, and more.  All of our events strive to help people encounter Christ and embrace the call to be saints (FacetoFace Vision).