Youth who were at Ignite 2019 will be engaging in the authentic community they developed during their times of small group through video chats.

Youth will be unpacking God's Word by studying a particular gospel. After bring put into smaller groups with a leader, youth will read one chapter per day and share what stood out to them in a group chat. The group will also have a couple opportunities for arranged video chats during the study.

Youth will be staying connected with the FacetoFace staff as we post fun content reminding people of the joy and hope of our Catholic faith.

Youth will be spending a day on retreat. The Lord wants to reveal the depths of his love (Ephesians 3:18), and participants will able to experience this from the comfort of their own home with the help of the internet.

The next online retreat is Tuesday, April 7.
The cost is $15. If you are not able to pay, we understand and invite you to register for free.

If you wish to join please register below.

Youth will be gathering together online to have some fun, hear a talk, engage in discussion, and join in prayer as we turn our E3 Meals into online E3 evenings. The next one is Thursday, April 2, starting at 7pm.

Youth will be inspired to start and keep striving for holiness through FacetoFace staff and volunteer video testimonies.