E3 Evenings

Next E3 Evening: Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 7:30pm SK/MB,  6:30pm AB,  5:30pm BC!

E3 Evening - November 18 Challenge

November Challenge: To do something supportive for a family or a priest this month.

Commitment: I commit to praying everyday that the Lord would make me desire the Vocation he desires for me.

As a high school youth, if you are interested in sharing how God has moved or is moving in your life (like a testimony) then email Jon: jon.courchene(a)f2f.ca


An E3 Evening

What: An E3 Evening includes some fun, a great live talk, small group discussions, prayer, and a challenge to go forward with.
Why: Because you deserve excellent opportunities for fellowship and growing in your faith.
For who: All high school youth (ages 14-18) and young adults who are desiring to dive deeper into their faith.
Lead by:  FacetoFace Ministries.

Upcoming E3 Evenings:

- Dec 16, 2021
- January through May, 2022. Dates TBD.

Join us on zoom

Topic: FacetoFace December 16 E3 Evening
Time: Thursday, December 16, 2021 @ 7:30PM MB&SK / 6:30PM AB / 5:30PM BC

No account is needed. We recommend using a laptop, but phones work too. Simply click on the link that will be provided below and follow a few simple steps like allowing video and audio. Try to join the zoom event 5 minutes early to be safe.


E3 Evening - Oct 7 Talk and Challenge

October Challenge: To succeed at the 20/20/20 (prayer/read/exercise) challenge 4 days in a row.


E3 Evening - Sept 9 Talk and Challenge

September Challenge: Pray the abandonment daily.

Bonus Challenge: Write out the abandonment prayer with the your non-dominant hand and send FacetoFace a picture on Instagram.

E3 Evening - June 10 Talk and Challenge

June Challenge: Take some time before the end of June and reflect or journal about where you can look back and see Mary in your life and how you desire your relationship with her to grow in your life moving forward.

"I commit to take some time this month to reflect on where my relationship with Mary is and how I desire it to grow"

E3 Evening - May 6 Talk and Challenge

May Challenge: Start everyday with a moment of praise and offering to God. Insert the three names of God from the litany of praise into the little offering below:

You are the _____. Be with me today.
You are the _____. I offer everything to you.
You are the _____. I accept whatever you have for me.

Bonus: Write out the praise and offering and put it on your mirror or a place a prayer. Take a picture and email it to ryan.mitchell(a)f2f.ca


E3 Evening - April 8 Talk and Challenge

April 8 Challenge: Read/pray through Luke 24. As you are going through it, ask the question 'who do I identify with in this account of the Resurrection?' Example: Peter, the disciples on road to Emmaus, etc. Email Ryan at ryan.mitchell(a)f2f.ca and share who it is that you identify with.

Bonus: Make 'Resurrection Buns,' also called 'Empty Tomb Buns.' Take a picture and email it to ryan.mitchell(a)f2f.ca
You can use this recipe if you want: https://therecipecritic.com/empty-tomb-rolls/


E3 Evening - March 10 Talk and Challenge

March 10 Challenge: This month, your challenge is to be intentional in forming your conscience through seeking awareness and prayer.

Bonus: Re-watch Fr. Cristino's talk. Then take a selfie and email it, along with a short quote or take away from the talk, to Ryan at ryan.mitchell(a)f2f.ca. Make the subject "E3 Evening March Challenge"


E3 Evening - Feb 11 Talk and Challenge

Feb 11 Challenge: This month, your challenge is to ask God every day for that one thing you really want, the deepest desire that is in your heart right now, and then to pray “Jesus, I trust in You.”

Bonus: Write down a reminder to do and put it somewhere you will see everyday. Then send us a picture of it on Instagram (@f2fministries), or email to Ryan at ryan.mitchell(a)f2f.ca