E3: Encounter. Equip. Empower.


WHAT: The E3 Evenings on live events over Zoom. You will have some fun, hear a talk, have small group discussion, pray together, and be challenged to live your faith.
WHY: Because you deserve excellent opportunities to grow in your faith.
FOR WHO: All high school youth (ages 14-18) and young adults who are desiring to dive deeper into their faith.
LED BY:  FacetoFace Ministries.

Upcoming E3 Evenings:
- Thursday, September 14, 2023
- Thursday, November 16, 2023

Hopefully starting up again in May/June of 2024!

WHEN: Weekends are designed for specific ages and genders.
WHAT: The location and activities will vary depending on the group. Most activities will start or depart from Saskatoon, SK. We are inviting specific groups of people to come spend a weekend having fun and immersing ourselves more into the life and teachings of the Church.
COST RECOVERY: The events are designed to be cost recovery. Participants will need to pay for the activities they are taking part in. The majority of the meals, presenter, etc are covered by a grant given by the Knights of Columbus.

Postponed. Please keep us in your prayers as we discern the future of these.

The E3 Mission 2020 was a huge success! Thank you to all those who participated.

WHEN: The last E3 Mission was February 15-21, 2020
WHERE: Black Lake, SK.
WHO: Inviting mature young men and women (grades 11 through young adult) to apply. Space is limited.
MISSION INCLUDES: Travelling to Black Lake, spending time in the community getting to know the people, leading a couple faith evenings/retreat sessions, and much more.

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E3: Encounter. Equip. Empower.

WHAT: The three fold events are just what they sound like. Opportunities to encounter Jesus (usually in Adoration or prayer), be equipped by a practical talk, and then empowered to go forward to live your faith in the world.
WHY: The E3 events are designed to give opportunities for more depth in the faith lives of youth. The talks, small group sharing, and going forward challenges are all designed to foster deeper formation and love of the Lord.
FOR WHO: All high school youth (ages 14-18) who are desiring to dive deeper into their faith. Please note the change from previous years where E3 events were invitational only. Our intention of helping disciples of Jesus Christ go deeper in love and formation remains the same, but we are broadening it to youth who have no prior experience of FacetoFace Ministries.