Your students deserve an excellent retreat.

You want your students to grow in their faith, and great retreats help make this a reality. We understand with COVID-19 that many schools cannot bring in outside guests to ensure an excellent retreat. Fortunately, FacetoFace can help you by providing a high impact retreat digitally.

Providing everything you need for success.

Session Previews

The opening session companion includes activities, worksheets, and discussion questions for each age group.

As seen, the K-3 companion includes a ‘God is Greater’ worksheet, an ‘Adventure’ cut and glue activity, discussion questions, and more!

The 4-6 companion also includes a saint acting activity, discussion questions, and more!

Session previews are for only 3 of the 5 sessions. The grades 7-9 and closing sessions also have a video and companion.

Creating the biggest impact possible.

While keeping it as easy as possible.

Summary PDF for quick reference.

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